Angela Woods

Born in San Francisco and now living in Salt Lake City, Angela Woods’ paintings encompass a style that blends realism with expressionism. She seeks to reach the onlooker through the use of light, texture and mood, to convey a personal connection with life and the world she sees around her.  Angela particularly enjoys experimenting with her medium, while embracing the constantly evolving nature of her work.

Each painting is a discovery of form and color, searching to capture the essence of the subject. Working mainly in oil, Angela uses a palette knife as much as a paintbrush, giving each painting rich texture of soft and hard edges, evoking a lasting memory of simple, yet mysterious beauty.

With a degree in visual art and design, Angela previously worked as an illustrator for twenty years. Her illustrations can be seen in best-selling children’s books, advertising materials and private collections. Angela’s draws from her past experience in her paintings, while continuing her education. Studying with notable artists in workshops and private academies, she strives to constantly improve.

“What’s important for me is to know that there is long term appreciation of my work. I want buyers of my paintings to continue to enjoy them long after they have purchased them.”

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