Carrie Trenholm

Images of current work coming soon.

Carrie Trenholm’s fascination with glass was born while watching her father create stained-glass windows for their local church. With the leftover scraps from her father’s studio, she began cutting her own glass designs using her father’s tools. Completing a glass mosaic dining table launched Carrie’s interest further. In 2000, she ventured into the fused glass process taking a workshop from Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon. Carrie’s glasswork has been continually evolving via her own creative experimentation. Her art education continued with a recent trip to Ravenna, Italy to study techniques of mosaic glass with Luciana Notturni at the Mosaic Art School. She has been collaborating with Jerry Eddleman who creates her metal stands.

 Carrie Trenholm has been working in the glass medium since 2000 and has exhibited her work at the Springville Museum of Art, the Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU, the St. George Art Museum, DeZion Gallery in Springdale, in addition to the Braithwaite Gallery. She taught in the public schools for 21 years and is currently the Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education at Southern Utah University. Carrie directs artsFUSION, a SUU educational program that provides professional development workshops in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts for teachers in Southern Utah.

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