Dan Toone

Dan Toone is a contemporary sculptor entranced with simple forms, evident in his mastery of pleasing lines and shapes. One would never guess that his sculptures are often formed from discarded metal, or scraps that have been otherwise deemed “ruined.” For Dan, inspiration could come from a piece that has fallen off of something else. He often sees possibility where others might only see leftover parts.

So naturally, nothing is useless in Dan’s world, and his sculptures are a reflection of what he sees. In his work, Dan conveys his perspective to the onlooker, using the shapes and lines that surround us in ordinary life.

Dan says he is a very visual person, and that he especially enjoys playing with contrasts and forms. From his early days as a student at Spokane Falls Community College studying commercial art, to his former profession in the food and dairy industry, Dan has always loved creating -- with the scrapyard as his goldmine. 

Some years ago, he was introduced to a 30,000 gallon stainless steel silo that had been severely damaged. When asked if he could repair the imploded silo, Dan found himself envisioning something else. He hauled the irreparable structure to his studio, and from it bloomed a flower-shaped sculpture that Dan titled “Rescued.” He still even has a few bits of that old silo left, waiting to become polished, artistic forms. 

Now a full-time sculptor in Taylorsville, Utah, Dan likes to bounce ideas off his family -- particularly his son and grandson. As they work creatively together, they give each other valuable feedback, even down to the naming of Dan’s pieces. “I’m just enjoying this,” says Dan. “I like to say it’s like a second childhood, but my son says I’ve never grown up. It keeps me young.”


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