Doug Adams

After 30 years of working in the steel industry, Doug Adams found his passion in creating unique, one-of-a-kind metal sculptured bells. Using many of the same techniques and processes he became so familiar with in the steel mill industry are now made manifest in his artistic endeavors.

Making a sculpture out of old found objects and molding them into beautiful, artistic designs present the kind of challenge that Doug has thrived on in his work.  Items that might end up in junkyards or farmers backyards are all potential art objects in waiting. In many Asian cultures, the combination of stone and steel is considered Zen or good fortune. This is why you’ll see stones so prominently displayed in Doug’s beautiful work. Many of them are from faraway places that he has visited. Doug also incorporates fused glass from recycled bottles created by his wife, artist Dianne Adams. 

Doug’s beautiful signature garden bells with their unusual and eye catching designs have found international acclaim and are displayed in public and private collections. Doug currently resides with his wife Dianne and their aspiring artist son Ryan in Southern Idaho, living their dream.

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