Fredrick Stephens

Images of current work coming soon.

Grounded by his continual purpose to look at life through a child’s eyes, Utah painter Fredrick Stephens strives to capture the awe of simplicity. 

Fredrick’s paintings reflect his deep connection to the flowing pastures, calm waters, and beautiful horizons of Central Utah.  He also finds whimsy and delight in sometime serious subjects.  In regards to his approach to painting, Fredrick remarks, “I like to play off colors and tones, and evoke a mood in people.”

In 2007, Fredrick was featured by Southwest Art Magazine in their annual “21 under 31” issue.  He paintings have since been featured in several group and solo exhibition shows.  Many have said that his painting style evokes a technique reminiscent of past masters.

LaFave Gallery is proud to represent Fredrick Stephens as one of the Southwest’s most inspiring young painters.  His paintings capture emotional wonderment and curiosity while embracing simplicity.

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