Karla Player

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Karla Player has been creating wearable art for over 40 years, since she took a jewelry making class in high school. After moving to Springdale, Utah in 1989, she opened up a shop of her own called Red Rock Jewelry. She created her unique pieces and sold them in this local shop until 2012, when she decided to focus solely on her craft.

Everything Karla creates is a conversation with the world around her. Drawing inspiration from everywhere she looks, she combines her love of nature and art to produce wearable pieces that appear effortless. “It’s all about the stone,” she says. Karla lets each stone or gem she selects speak for itself, letting it dictate the setting she will create.

Even after decades of creating artistic jewelry, Karla continues to seek out new techniques and new designs, experimenting along the way. She strives to make jewelry that is comfortable for those wearing it, so that they never feel like they have to take it off.

“I want people to fall in love with my design and my stone, to where they want wear it always.”

Karla carefully selects her stones, making sure each one is responsibly sourced, and uses only recycled metals in her jewelry. Every piece is one-of-a-kind

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