Lola Padilla

Walking into Lola Padilla’s Springdale home is a sensory experience not recommended for the faint of heart. In addition to their beloved rescued animal collection of 6 tropical birds, 4 dogs and a cat; art collectors Lola Padilla and her husband Adrian Player live among a jam-packed collection of Lola’s creations plus the works of artists she admires. Her favorites include Springdale sculptor Richard Hardin and watercolorist Gail Alger, a growing number of Zion National Park Plein Air painters, Salt Lake City clay artist Jim Stewart and a “just-had-to-have-it” Bustamante piece brought back from Mexico. Similarly, pieces of Lola’s art enrich the homes and business of dozens of local friends and clients from across the U.S. and around the world.

Lola Padilla has a bold artistic style that complements her vibrant personality. She produces 2-D works in drawing pencil, pastels, and pen and ink. Her 3-D sculptures are done using plasma cutting on metal with acrylic paint accents. All visitors to Zion Canyon experience her outdoor decorative metal work in the form of signs, gates, screens and fanciful creatures.

 Asked what influences her art, Lola responds: “friends, animals, whatever is hilarious and whatever materials I have on hand to work with.” With those sources of inspiration the limits are infinite.

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