Loren Davis

Images of current work coming soon.

At a very young age Loren loved the outdoors and enjoyed fly fishing, hunting and observing his natural surroundings. His desire to document these experiences led to an interest in photography.  Some of his earlier pursuits were taken with a simple point and shoot camera, which he felt was lacking in the vision and quality that he saw in books and magazines.  In junior high school (9th grade) he took his first photography class with teacher Photographer Dave Newman (Newman Photography) who taught him new techniques and opened up a whole new world for him. During that same year he entered his first photography contest and won first place.  From that point on he has been reading and studying books and magazines and attending seminars learning everything he can.

Loren has won numerous awards at the Washington County and Utah State Fairs, Outdoor Photography Magazine: Canon Photo Contest. He was invited by the St. George Arts Museum to display his work “The Waterfall in Zion” for the 100 Year Anniversary of Zion National Park.  In 2013, at the Sandy City Arts Festival, he won First  Place in Photography for “Sentinels of the Past”, and the Mayor’s Choice Award for “Sitting Pretty.” In 2014 he participated in the St. George Arts Festival, won Honorable Mention in Photography at the Sandy City Arts Festival, First Place at the Utah State Fair and two  First Place and Reserve Sweepstakes at the Washington County Fair. In 2015 he will participate, for a second time, in the St. George Arts Festival.

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