Michelle Condrat

Michelle Condrat was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1983. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor Degree in Painting and Drawing and a Minor in Art History in 2007. Michelle enjoys painting the unique landscape of Utah and the Southwest, and spends a lot of her time in the outdoors, where she gathers inspiration and subject matter for her paintings. With intense color choices and linear blended strokes, Michelle is able to give motion and movement to her paintings, while capturing the feel of the western landscape, with a fresh and new visual perspective. Michelle is also an active participant in the art community, teaching workshops and technique demos, while participating in various Plein Air events throughout the west, such as the Zion National Park Plein Air Invitational and the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.

I like to paint subjects that have caught my eye or have given me a little spark of emotion, whether it's a subtle shadow on a rock, giving it a blue glow, or the light between the shaking leaves in the breeze. Life is full of these little moments that can pass us by so quickly, which is why I feel the need to try and capture as many of them as I can. Because these moments are alive and real, I try to give my paintings a life of their own. I paint them in a way that expresses motion and movement, along with vibrant colors and blended strokes. I want people to be aware of all the little things that make up our beautiful and wonderful world, and I hope that when people see my art, it can remind them of this, and help them to soak it all in.

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