Myrna Massey Brooks

After moving West from the flat lands of Ohio, Myrna became smitten with wide open skies, mountains, and wild places. After living in Oregon and working in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming for the National Park Service for many years, she found her way to Zion National Park and the deserts of southern Utah where she currently lives.

Nature has been the long rooted inspiration in her life and work, and she explores this affinity through mixed media assemblage that incorporates found materials, clay, paint and stains. She uses original photographs of birds, landscapes, expanses of sky to communicate a love and curiosity of nature and an exploration of place.

Myrna enjoys the juxtaposition of these objects and textures and is fascinated by the way time and the elements transform surfaces.  Her deep fondness for the objects she scavenges and the process of how she obtains them shapes how they make their way into her art.  While walking and collecting materials on roadsides or in the desert, she gathers weathered materials that have already had other lives and embody the essence of time that has passed. They are bits and pieces of her experience and perceptions that have formed of a certain place.

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