Patrick Horsley

Ceramic artist Patrick Horsley was born in Pasco, Washington, where he attended public school and later graduated from Columbia Basin College. After moving to Portland, Oregon in the 1970s, he graduated from Portland Art Museum School. From childhood, Patrick has always been an artist.  Patrick is greatly influenced by his life in Oregon. Parts of his work are reminiscent of the columnar basalt in the Columbia Gorge. He also draws inspiration from the eastern side of the Oregon Cascades, where exposed cliffs of basalt are abundant, with rich textures provided by the yellow-green lichen that grows on the surface. Patrick’s work is strongly influenced by architecture, both primitive and contemporary. He bases his work on the idea of the container vessel, and at times, utilitarian forms such as teapots and lidded jars. Some of his work – such as bowls, vases and platters – falls into a more ceremonial category. The image of the teapot has become a major focus of Patrick’s work and time.  

“The challenge of my work is to combine the many elements (handles, feet, spouts and lids) into a work that dances and presents a new view and image of a familiar form. My primary interest is in the process and the physical dance of making the pots."

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