Rebecca Livermore

Rebecca Livermore is a Utah watercolor artist, whose paintings have won numerous local, regional and national awards, including four Utah Watercolor Society Best-of-Show Awards. A former graphic designer, she “designs” her compositions, and uses vivid pigments to emphasize the most appealing characteristics of her subjects.

By highlighting the organic, flowing shapes of landforms, Rebecca emphasizes the most intriguing characteristics of the scene she is depicting. She employs vivid watercolor pigments and the fluidity of the watercolor medium to reflect the grandeur of the landscape and to please the eye.

“I paint to celebrate the beauty I see in the world, and wherever I go, I see future paintings.”

Traveling throughout the west from her home in Salt Lake City, Rebecca frequently makes detours to observe light falling on the land in a remarkable way, or pulled over to the side of the road to photograph a particularly appealing landscape. While many of her smaller works are painted en plein-air, most are composed in her studio, inspired by her photographs and informed by observation, field sketches and a strong memory for color.

Rebecca has visited Zion National Park frequently over the years, and has had the pleasure of hiking most of the Park’s trails. She has become intimately familiar with the stunning palette and breathtaking play of light and shadows in and around Zion Canyon. “I have my favorite places to paint, but continue to find inspiration for new paintings with every visit.”

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